Cities of Basketball



The two amazing women at Scandinavia Standard did an article about me and my project. Go check it out. 

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What a great experience at the Bleed & Score, a sport + print festival in Brooklyn, New York. Had a blast meeting people, making new connections, talk basketball all day long, and see the overwhelming interest people had in my project. The best part was those people who been following me on Instagram, and came out to the event just to say hello - you guys are the true all-stars.


Q: ADIVE FOR YOUNG CREATIVES?"   A: "What worked and still works for me is making sure I got time for personal projects between client work. Those projects is where you really shine, can experiment and grow. I think that often that young creatives fresh out of school are too worried about not having the right clients on the c.v. When I started as a freelancer I only showcased my personal projects, but they showed my skills and to this day those projects are still getting me jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some major brands around the globe, and it helps for sure. I’m just saying there is no reason not to make what you love and what you're passion about. " 

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The German answer to the SLAM magazine, FIVE. Did a small article about my project.



The creative people at Working Not Working's Magazine interview me about my work and basketball project. An insight into my geeky world.

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Always humbling and rad to see your work in print. The Newonce Paper did an interview with me about Cities of Basketball, and the game of basketball. Even more cool to be in the same company with so many talented people, like the dude behind Acronym, Errolson Hugh.

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Mia Le Journal Magazine

Mia Le Journal delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity. An independent international magazine about fashion, photography, art, music and cinema. Cities of Basketball was featured in their Summer Spring 2017 - Sport Issue V with 12 pages about the project.

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"Kasper Nyman managed to seize the differences between these playgrounds that are yet linked by the same purpose. Places of meeting, of training, of victories, of challenges, of disappointments, and of memories, these pitches show how the practice of a sport can tend to be different depending on a place and on an atmosphere."

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"Outdoor basketball courts have largely served as the epicenter of pastime for youth in urban areas. New York City arguably has the most, with more than 700 courts scattered throughout the five boroughs. Danish photographer Kasper Nyman began documenting unused courts in the city, as well as other locales around the globe to reflect the commonality that basketball provides through an ongoing visual project titled Cities of Basketball.

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